24 january 2019
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Temporary committees

Temporary committee (1)
The association stayed without presidency and was with procreation, as Mr. Salem Al Ghamay has handled the presidency of the association by procreation after Shaikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan stepped down. And a ministerial decree had been issued by forming temporary committee to actuate the association’s affairs from Sultan Saqur Al Sweedy as a president, Abdo Al Rahman Al Hasawy; member, Abdo Allah Ibrahim; member, and Abdo Al Rahman Al Assaimy; member.

Temporary committee (2)
A ministerial decree has been issued from the superior committee for youth and sports to form temporary committee to actuate the association’s affairs shortly after the board resigned. The temporary committee was formed and headed by Sultan Saqur Al Sweedy, and membership of the followings; Abdo Al Rahman Al Hasawy, Ahmed Ali Eisa, Abdo Allah Ibrahim, and Salah Al Shankeety.


Temporary committee (3) The association’s board was dissolved on 31/8/1999 by Shaikh Abdulla bin Zayed Al Nahyan and a temporary committee took over. The temporary committee headed Shaikh Abdulla and included Mr. Yousuf Al Serkal vice president, and membership of Ahmed Eisa, Salem Saeed, Mohamed Obaid, Mohamed Rashid Eisa.

Temporary committee (4) Shaikh Abdulla bin Zayed passed over the reins to Sheikh Saeed bi Zayed Al Nahyan, and a temporary committee was formed pending the set up of a new board. The temporary committee was headed by Sultan Saqur Al Sweedy, Jumaa Ghareeb as a vice chairman, and the membership of Mohamed Ben Dokhan, Abdo Al Mohsen Al Dosary, and Salim Saeed.

Temporary committee (5) Sheikh Saeed bin Zayed; resigned and a temporary committee was set up to handle the affairs from November 27th till December 19th /2003 under Sultan Saqur Al Sweedy, Dr Mohamed Sohail, Eisa Khaleefa Al Jarmen, Abdo Al Mohsen Fahd Al Doosary and Yousef Abdo Allah.


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