24 january 2019
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We are pleased to start setting up the White’s Friends League, an unofficial affiliation with no president but has a simple and straightforward accord of honour. The said accord of honour is to support all UAE national teams in their all friendly and official encounters as die-hard fans when compared to the supporters of the opponents. We have to attend the training sessions and games to strongly and enthusiastically cheer the players to raise their morals. We promise to stand firm behind the teams under all circumstances and whatsoever are the results and changes in the boards of directors. We undertake to become the best aid for the national teams and the players by packing the stadiums and positive cheering. To subscribe for this league, please sign up at the following e-mail: (metha.ghaffari@uaefa.ae)

Telephone No.:

Registration is open for both sexes of all ages and nationalities. Names and photos of members will be published in the official site of the UAEFA.


Jamal ahmed usif
 Mohamed ahmed Elhosni



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