17 december 2018
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Ad-Hoc Body for Challenging Referees Decisions Holds Inaugural Meeting

Dubai / Thursday, March 8th, 2018: the Ad-Hoc Body for Challenging Referees’ decisions has held a coordination meeting today at UAE FA Premise in Dubai, following the ratification of its formation by Board of Directors on 3rd March 2018.

The meeting was chaired by the body coordinator Eisa Saleh who greeted the attendees and exalted their cooperation and keenness to provide their experiences for development of football in UAE. He also thanked Professional League Committee (PLC) for this initiative which would develop refereeing standards.

The meeting highlighted the formation of the body and the criteria adopted for selections of members. The body will conduct a trial in the remaining matches of Arabian Gulf League. 

The meeting was attended by the former players: Abdulrahman Mohamed, Mohsen Mussabah, Sbait Khater and the former referees: Salem Saeed, Farid Ali, Musalam Ahmed, Younif Hasan, Mohamed Al Jalaf and Hamad Al Sheikh, beside the body rapporteur Ayman Haron; Mohamed Al Dori, UAE FA Legal Advisor and Ghanim Saleh, PLC Legal Advisor.

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