24 january 2019
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Khalid Awad to supervise President Cup

Dubai – The competitions committee of the UAEFA has decided to assign Khalid Awad to supervise the President Cup final to be held on June 3, 2015.
The committee met at the association’s offices here under the chairmanship of Mohammed Abdul Aziz Jassim, FA board member and attended by the members Abdulla Al Zanhani, engineer Salah Ameen, Khalid Awad, Balhasan Malouche , director of the technical department, Rashid Amer, supervisor of the training centres, Saeed Abdul Salam, director of media department at the UAEFS and Sayed Abul Naja, secretary of the competitions committee.
The committee rejected the request of Al Wahda Club for the postpone of their U-14 clash due to the commitment of some of theor players with the U-15 squad in Italy during April.
The committee has also discussed the rules of the remuneration of the players and the sports excellence award for the first division clubs and referred the same to the board for approval while setting up the oraganising committee from the technical department, competitions department and the media.
The committee reviewed the letter of the Dubai Sports Council regarding the fifth edition of the Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed U-18 International Tournament at the Dubai Police Oficers Club’s Stadium from April 10 to 19 with teams representing Real Madrid, Valencia and AC Milan and discussed other issues on the agenda. 



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